A game about the job market, refugees and clicking dog people away from your hexagonal kingdom.

Click the tiny question mark icon above the building list to see what specific buildings and resources do, by hoovering over them with your mouse.

Made for 1BitClickerJam

StatusIn development
Rated 2.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorTurbo Hermit
Made withUnity
Tags1-bit, Black and White, Endless, one-button, Point & Click, Singleplayer, Tower Defense, Two colors
AccessibilityOne button


Regent 4 MB


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This would be a lot better as a windows build, can seem to pan around in the browser without it scrolling the entire page.


Awesome game, very frustrating at times though, like when your new recruit don't reach the building before the night and then get out of the map. I found power allocation to be quite buggy, like when a new dynamill or tent create a general shortage. I didn't try the whole building possibilities, because I felt all I need was a ****load of tower supplied by a ****load of mills (with a few big houses). I love the graphics and that day & night cycle on a 1-bit graphic style very well done. Goood job!

Thanks for the feedback, buddy! Those are definitely all points it needs work on. After the jam's finished I'm going to touch up the entire thing to make it proper.

The days are super short. Not enough time to build stuff and read what the villagers want. Also, how do i build houses?

The 3d and 4th building in the list supply housing for Folks. And indeed the days are short, I think I might've accidentally swapped the day time with the night :I

I was waiting for it!! <3
'll give you a feedback :]

How to supply electricity to buildlings that need it?

Dynamills (the second building) are used for generating Powers. Make sure you always have 1 or more Powers and make sure that buildings are manned by Folks. You can man buildings by appointing Folks to them (via the dialogue window).

OK! It's clearer for me now. I thought mills were for food (as Age of Empires ^^)

Also I thought the help tooltip was for pointing something on the map so I was kind of stuck...